The Archive, Museum and Archaeology platform

What is CollectionsBase?

CollectionsBase by Orangeleaf Systems Ltd is the product of two decades of working with almost all of the collection cataloguing systems in the UK and beyond. We provide the public interface for search, engagement and customer relationship management for heritage organisations large and small.

How it works

CollectionsBase is a simple, two step process.

Repository Import

We have import processes for: Modes, CALM, Adlib, EMu, MuseumPlus, Micromusee, HBSMR, Arches, AtoM and custom XML and SQL databases. With one click, the records from these systems load into CollectionsBase.

User Interfaces

We provide search, timeline, geospatial mapping, image gallery, online exhibition, e-commerce, events, ticketing and archive reader CRM systems connected to our CollectionsBase APIs.


We've provided digital heritage consultancy and strategic guidance to small local volunteer museums, County Council archives, UK Government departments and national institutions since 1998. We offer systems design and development, and provide WordPress, WooCommerce and bespoke applications to a number of companies in Shropshire and throughout the UK.

Case Studies